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September 2017 news

Samantha and Ewan’s Wedding

23rd September 2017 – Morley Recreation Centre

It’s the time of the year where the busy wedding season starts, and the CCC Lion Dance Troupe had the great pleasure to perform at the wedding of Samantha and Ewan.

The Lion Dance performance was a surprise for the guests at the venue. After the bridal party was introduced, the newly weds made their entrance into the venue with the escort of the lions, togethor with the musical band.

The Lions led the newly weds to their table, and then interacted with all the guests of the venue. The lions then presented a good luck scroll to Samantha and Ewan to mark and bless this special occassion.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe wish the newly weds all the best in this new everlasting journey of love.

Butterfly 73 Bar Grand Opening

14th September 2017 – Northbridge

The Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe had the great opportunity in performing at the grand opening of Northbridge’s newest bar, Bar 73.

The grand opening was only open for VIP guests, whom were catered with the selection of food, drinks, and entertainment that Bar 73 provides.

To mark the opening, the owners of the bar dotted a new LED lion for the troupe. By dotting the lion, it symbolises birth of the lion as well as birth and success of the new business venture.

The new lion, and other 2 lions, entertained the VIP crowd and presented 3 good luck scrolls to the staff at Butterfly 73. The CCC Lion Dance Troupe wish the owners the everlasting continuing success of this new business venture.

Chua’s house warming

2nd September 2017 – Chua residence

After a well rested break, the Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance Troupe performed at the Chua’s new residence on the first weekend of spring.

The belief of the lion dance is to have it scare off evil spirits and bring in the new luck. With the lighting of long firecrackers, the lions began their performance at the front of the house in front of the Chua’s family, and close family and friends. The loud music drew a large crowd of the neighbours who all came to enjoy the show.

The lions entered the rooms of the house, blessing each room, and then ate the green and spitting the luck to the Chua’s.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe would like to thank the Chua’s for having us perform at your new house, as well for the great hospitality shown to the group.