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October 2014 news

Anh and Thien’s Wedding

19th October 2014 – Crown Astral Ballroom

With the start of the wedding season, the CCC Lion Dance Troupe started its wedding season performances by performing at Anh and Thien’s wedding, held at the Crown Casino.

The performance was a secret for the guests, so when the MC was speaking to the guests about lion dance, the instrumental band came through the doors with 2 lions following.

The lions entered the beautifully decorated reception, and started their performance blessing the bridal party. The lions then danced through the tables of the guests eating the red packets offered by the guests. The lions then presented the newly weds with a good luck scroll before finishing their performance for the enjoyment of the guests.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe would like to congratulate Anh and Thien on their wedding, may your future be blessed with everlasting love and happiness!