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November 2017 news

Vic Park Summer Street Party

19th of November 2017 – Town of Vic Park

The Town of Vic Park held their annual festival, the Vic Park Summer Street Party. This festival is very popular festival, in which attracting over 10s of thousands of people to the streets of Vic Park to experience the different types of food and entertainment it has to offer.

The event featured two stages which showcased different types of music genres, cultural dances, and other entertainment. A variety of international foods and stores were also setup for the attendees to enjoy.

The Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe began their performance at the Rhubarb stage, interacting with the festival goers there, and then the troupe moved through the streets entertaining festival goers and then moving to the main stage. At the main stage, the audience got a nice treat as the Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe performed a combined performance with the Bollywood Studio Dancers. To the further delight of the crowd the troupe, togethor with the Bollywood Studio Dancers, performed a fusion performance with the Junkadelic Brass Band. This was a big surprise for the audience, and it defintely paid off as everyone was in the festive mood in joining in with the performance.

Overall, the performances, and the festival was a great success. It was an honour and pleasure to be able to do a collaberation performance with the Bollywood Studio Dancers and the Junkadelic Brass Band. We would like to thank Ken and all the staff and performers in making this all possible. We do hope to return to this festival the following year!

Tony and Lisa’s Wedding

12th of November 2017 – Sicilian Association Community Hall

Continuing with the busy wedding season, the Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe performed at the wedding of Tony and Lisa. Time sure does fly as the Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe did perform at the engagement of Tony’s sister 6+ years ago.

The reception commenced with each members of the bridal party being introduced by the MC. After the bridal party were introduced, the newly weds were then introduced as they walked down to their seats to the applaus of their guests. After they were seated, the MC introduced the lion dance in which the 2 lions came down the walk way and started their performance in blessing the newly weds.

The lions interacted with the crowd by eating the red packets from the guests and taking photos with the guests. The lions presented the newly weds with a good luck scroll, in which the newly weds in return provided a jug of beer for both the lions to finish. Overall, it was a performance that was fun and very much enjoyed by all the guests.

The Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe would like to wish Tony and Lisa all the best in their new journey of marriage togethor.