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November 2011 news

Wai Sum and Tony’s Wedding

26th  November 2011 – St Georges College

The Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe’s last wedding performance for this years wedding season was at St Georges College for Wai Sum and Tony’s wedding.

The event of the night started with all the guests gathering in the venue gardens for pre-drinks before heading into the reception area. The bridal party was then introduced to the guests. Once the bridal party were seated the lion dance beat played and the instruments lead the 2 lions into the reception hall surprising the guests.

The lions entertained the guests by interacting with the guests and showcasing acrobatic jumps. The lions then presented the bride and groom with good luck scrolls before finishing the performance.

The bride and groom, and all the guests enjoyed the performance. A lot of the guests after the performance provided the group with a lot of positive feedback. Some guests that came from Malaysia even commented that our performance is one of the best they have ever seen.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe would love to thank Wai Sum, Tony, and all the guests for all the wonderful comments and feedback. Very much appreciated. We would also like to congratulate Wai Sum and Tony on their wedding, and hope their new lives will be filled with everlasting love and joy.


Nhi and Dale’s Wedding

19th  November 2011 – Floreat Surf Club

On the 19th of November the CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed at Nhi and Dale’s wedding located at the Floreat Surf Club. The wedding reception was located upstairs of the surf club, with the balcony area having a great view of the beach.

All the guests gathered outside of the balcony area awaiting the bride and groom. Once the bride and groom arrived, 10,000 firecrackers were lit and 3 lions came up to the balcony surprising all the guests. The 3 lions displayed an energetic performance to the guests and interacted with the bride and groom and all the guests. The lions then presented 3 scrolls to the the bride and groom. Each scroll representing luck, fortune, and health.

From all members of the CCC Lion Dance Troupe, we would like to congratulate Nhi and Dale on the wedding, and thank them for all the great hospitality that was provided to us on the day. We hope your new lives togethor will be filled with luck, fortune, and prosperity.


Jocelyne and Paul Shephard’s Wedding

11th November 2011 – Burswood Casino, Botanical Room.

On the special date of the 11/11/11, the CCC Lion Dance Troupe had the pleasure to perform at the wedding of Jocelyne and Paul. The bride and groom wanted the lion dance performance to be a surprise to the guests, so the troupe were gathered in another ballroom until all the guests have arrived and were seated.

The MC introduced the bridal party, which then were followed by the bride and groom. After the bride and groom were seated, the MC introduced the CCC Lion Dance Troupe. The 3 lions came into the venue making their way onto the dance floor, which were followed by the instrumental band. The 3 lions entertained the bridal party and all the guests by demonstrating acrobatic jumps and playful interaction. The surprised guests all enjoyed the performance and applauded loudly after the performance.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe would like to congratulate Jocelyne and Paul on their marriage and we wish them all the best in their new lives togethor.


Tai and Mary Nguyen’s Wedding

6th November 2011 – Burswood Casino, Grand Ballroom

On the 6th November 2011, the CCC Lion Dance performed at the wedding of Tai and Mary Nguyen, held at the Grand ballroom of Burswood Casino.

The event of the night started with the guests taking photos with the new married couple before entering the ballroom. Once all the guests were seated, the MC introduced the bridal party. After a few speeches, the MC introduced the CCC Lion Dance Troupe. The 3 lions entered the venue heading towards the bride and groom. After bowing to the bride and groom, the 3 lions went to each table of the guests and interacted with them.

The lions then came back to the front of the dance floor and presented good luck scrolls to the bride and groom, and then finished the performance with high acrobatic jumps. Much to the delight of all the guests.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe wish Tai and Mary a happy marriage and hope their future togethor will be one filled with everlasting love.