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Mr and Mrs Lum 60th Birthday celebration

10th of April 2021 – Aquarium Seafood Restaurant

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe had the great pleasure of performing at the 60th Birthday of Mr and Mrs Lum. The performance was organised by their son, Tommy, whom is not only the Director of United Welding, but also close friends to the trainers of the troupe.

To mark the celebration more special, a new customised lion for the Lum’s was dotted on the special night. The CCC Lion Dance Troupe would like to wish the Lum’s a big happy 60th Birthday and wish you both to many years of great health and wealth!

The Gill’s baby gender reveal

10th of April 2021 – Landsdale

Great news coming out of the CCC family as one of the original members, Alex, is moving into the next steps of life and is going to be a father. Alex started in the troupe back when he was 6 years old, fast forward to 21 years and now all grown up. For the gender reveal we organised for a lion dance performance in which only the CCC head trainer and a close friend knew the gender.

The colour of the lion revealing the gender was hidden behind a build box, after a countdown a pink lion came out much to everyone’s delight and surprise. The performance was well enjoyed by everyone, but there was also one surprise. A special scroll was given to the lion to present to both Alex and his partner. When the scroll was presented, it had a message to Alex’s partner, asking her hand for marriage. The event became both a gender reveal and an engagement.

From all at the CCC family, we would like to wish the biggest congrats to Alex and Sam on the new baby girl but also on the engagement. Its amazing seeing someone grow through the troupe and just growing in life.


Chinese New Year 2021 – Year of the Ox

Commencing 12th February 2021 – Perth WA

What an interesting time in 2020 with the world wide pandemic of COVID 19. As a result of this much of 2020 the troupe did not perform due to the safety of the whole WA community. With the great work of the WA community though we were able to ease restrictions and go back to normal, one which was envied by the whole world! Coming close to CNY 21 though another outbreak occurred and that did affect few days of the CNY 21….but with the WA community banding together to look after one another we were back to normal and CNY 21 was back on!

The troupe had another busy CNY, performing at a variety of restaurants, businesses, parties, and festivals. These performances were not taken for granted as we know other lion dance clubs around the world, due to COVID, could not even perform. We were truly grateful during this CNY to not only spend that quality time in celebrating with our family and friends but also to be able to perform together with our troupe members and for the whole WA community.

This CNY has been very enjoyable and successful for our troupe, and what better way to end the CNY season with our co troupe leader, Francis Chua, winning the WBA super featherweight oceanic championship at his boxing bout at the Thunderdome, in which the troupe performed for his entrance.

From all of us at the CCC Lion Dance troupe, happy CNY Year of the OX!