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Baby Kiara’s 100 days celebration

18th of November 2018 – Heathcothe Reserve

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe had the absolute honor to perform at troupe leader, Stephen Hsu, daughters 100 days.

At CCC Lion Dance Troupe we are always improving and evolving our performances. We been training hard for a bench routine, and what better way to perform it than a special occassion like today. The event was celebrated at Heathcothe Reserve where a big feast was put on for the first baby of Stephen and Louisa. The venue was beautifully decorarted and celebrated joyously with many family and friends.

We began the performance with a solo routine to get the attention of the guests, and then proceeded with the bench routine. The lion presented a large scroll to the Hsu family in blessing and celebrating this joyous occassion.

Happy 100th days Kiara, hope you enjoyed the day with all your family and friends!


Wendy Wu Tours 25th Anniversary

7th of November 2018 – Flour Factory

The Wendy Wu Tour group celebrated their 25th birthday at the Flour Factory.

The event highlighted all the achievements of the company in its 25 year history. All the staff enjoyed the night with drinks and great food and with a surprise performance by the CCC Lion Dance Troupe.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe wishes Wendy Wu Tours a happy 25th birthday, and here is to many more birthdays to come.

Janny and Adam’s Wedding

4th November 2018 – Crown Towers

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed at the wedding of Janny and Adam. The day celebrations started at the tea ceremony, where the lions blessed the ceremony and walked Janny into room to Adam, where they paid their respects to the ancestors and served tea to the family.

At the reception, the lions were a surprise for the guests, so when the time was ready the lions entered the ballroom and showcased a lion dance demonstration for the bride and groom and their guests. At the same time the lions blessed the couple on this joyous occassion.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe would like to wish Janny and Adam all the best in their new journey of marriage togethor.

Chinese Community Centre 40th anniversary celebration

23rd October 2018 – Northbridge Chinese Restaurant

Back in 1978 a group of Chinese individuals in Australia banded togethor to support the Chinese Community in Australia as well as promoting the Chinese Culture in Australia – The Chinese Community Centre was formed. The essence of the Chinese Community Centre was to support your fellow country men but also embrace those who had the interest in the Chinese Culture and activities. 40 years later the Chinese Community Centre still stands strong with that same vision and same essence.

On the 23rd October, all those who has been part of this beautiful journey, both old era and new era, came togethor to celebrate all the success of the organisation. Commemorative plaques was provided to individuals who provided support to the organisation. The CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed the lion dance to celebrate this joyous occassion.

It was great to see all era members of the Chinese Community Centre all come togethor and celebrate togethor the efforts of upholding the groups vision all these years. Congratulations to the Chinese Community Centre, here is to another 50 years!

Pasar Malam

19th October 2018 – Curtin University

It was time again for the annual Pasar Malam festival, a festival where there are a large variety of international foods, entertainment, and activities.

Every Pasar Malam in the past had been successful, and this year was no different with long lines at each of the food stalls, and large crowds gathered at the stages to watch the entertainment provided.

The Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance troupe once again performed at this glorious event, with large crowds gathered and cheering at the acrobatic displays performed by the troupe.

The CCC Lion Dance troupe would like to thank all the organisers of the event, and we can’t wait to perform for you guys again!

Vu Residence house warming

6th October 2018 – Bayswater

The CCC Lion Dance troupe performed at a house warming of one of their members family homes.

A small ceremony was performed in opening the eyes of the Fu Dog guardians of the house, then followed by the lion dance. Long firecrackers were lit in commencing the performance and celebrations. The lions blessed the house, paid respects to the Buddha Gods, and then got the green in spreading the luck for the residence of the new home.

The CCC Lion Dance wish the Vu’s everlasting prosperity and good health.

UWA Spring Fest

4th October 2018 – UWA

It was the annual Spring Fest at UWA, and after a successful performance last year, the CCC Lion Dance Troupe was once again invited back to perform. The event had many acts such as live bands, singing, Indonesian Cultural Dance, and of course the lion dance. The event also had a variety of different cultural food trucks available on the night.

The event was a major success with many of the attendees enjoying the foods and the acts the event had to offer. The lion dance was very much enjoyed by all as the audience got into the festive mood of things and patted and played with the lions.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe would like to thank the organisers of Spring Fest for having us, and we look forward to next years Spring Fest.

Onyx 24/7 open day

30th September 2018 – Onyx 24/7

The Onyx 24/7 gym, located in Bibra Lake, had its opening day in which the day featured many activities such as power lifting seminar, boxing skills seminar, self defence class, free massage, and yoga.

CCC Lion Dance trainer, Francis Chua, who is also a champion fighter out of Onyx 24/7 also attempted the guinness books records for most push ups in a minute. The rcord was 107, and Francis got 116. The results are still pending for approval as the video has been submitted.

Prior to the challenge, the CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed for the open day in blessing the gym and bringing in the celebratory vibe into the day.

To the staff at Onyx, thank you for having us and allowing us to be part of the activities during the day.

Mellissa and Keith’s Wedding

29th September 2018 – Oaks Over Ground

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe had the pleasure at performing at the Wedding of Mellissa and Keith at Oaks Over Ground.

The wedding was a surprise so once the firecrackers were lit, the 2 lions ran into the venue and began their performance for the guests. The Lions blessed the newly weds and then interacted and blessed the guests. The lions then presented a good luck scroll to the newly weds.

Us all at the CCC Lion Dance Family wish you both ever lasting love in your marriage together.

Oanh and Matty’s Wedding

22nd September 2018 – Crown Towers

With the beginning of the wedding season, the Chinese Community Centre performed for the wedding of Oanh and Matty at Crown Towers.

The performance a surprise for the guests, so when the loud music drums played and the 3 lions ran into the venue, all the guests were excited.

The lions blessed the bridal party then interacted with all the guests. Guests fed the lions red packets and even bottles of beers in getting into the vibe of the celebration.

The lions presented the newly weds with a good luck scroll before finishing off the performance. We can easily say the performance was much enjoyed by all in the venue as they all applauded loudly.

We at the CCC Lion Dance troupe wish Matty and Oanh all the best in their new journey of love together.

Little Kitchen House Grand Opening

12th of August 2018 – Northbridge

The Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance troupe performed at the grand opening of the Little Kitchen House Restaurant. The owners of the new restaurant are also owners of the Fortune Five Restaurant next door, so its great to know that our existing customers are enjoying great success in their business, allowing for expansion.

The troupe performed a 3 lion, lion dance performance at the grandopening which also featured a large firecracker display.

The troupe would like to congratulate the owners of the Little Kitchen House Restaurant, and we wish you the ever ongoing success of your business ventures.

Shinju Matsuri Launch

23rd of May 2018 – Elizabeth Quay

The CCC Lion Dance troupe performed at the Shinju Matsuri Launch at Elizabeth Quay. The performance was part of a series of events across WA in promoting Broome and the culture of this special place.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed a 3 lion performance in celebration of the festival. The festival attracted many people to Elizabeth Quay festing on the festivities.

We would like to thank the organisers of Shinju Matsuri for having us perform once again!

Mark and Jessica’s Wedding

17th March 2018 – Crown Towers

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed at the wedding of Mark and Jessica on the 17th March 2018. After the entrance of the bridal party, the bride and groom entered the ballroom with the escort of the CCC Lions.

The Lions guided the newly weds to their seats, and then gathered in front of the dance floor where they began their performance in blessing this wonderful occassion. The lions interacted with guests before presenting the newly weds with a good luck scroll.

The CCC Lion Dance Family wish you both all the best on your everlasting journey of love together.

Perth Student Festival

10th March 2018 – The Belltower

The CCC Lion Dance was invited once again to perform at the annual Perth Student Festival. Given the success of the previous years of the festival, the festival this year was moved to the Bell Tower Pier.

The event had a lot of information booths for students, activities, entertainment, and food stalls. And of course a feautre entertainment for the festival was the Chinese Lion Dance performed by the troupe.

The festival was attended by a large number of people and was defintely as successful as it was in previous years. The CCC Lion Dance Troupe would like to thank all the organisers of the festival for having us again, and we look forward to the festival next year.

Chinese New Year 2018 – Year of the Dog

Commencing 15th February 2018 – Perth WA

It was another busy Chinese New Year for the troupe, with the troupe beginning their heavy performance schedule on the eve of Chinese New Year. With the large number of bookings the troupe had this year, the troupe had to split up groups numerous times to meet these performances. The troupe performed all over Perth from the CBD all the way to the industrial area of Forestdale. The troupe’s performances ranged from restaurants, small businesses, private corporate events, and public Chinese New Year events such as the Chinese New Year Fair in Northbridge.

All performances attracted large crowds with the loud firecrackers, loud music, colourful lions, and with the colourful new uniforms of the troupe.

The troupe also received new donated lions from Good Fortune Duck House, Chen Yang Tan, and the clubs president. All were dotted during the Chinese New Year performances.

It was a gruelling hectic schedule, but the troupe was able to successful perform all performances to a high standard, and in process enjoying the fun which is the essence of Chinese New Year.

Until next time, we all at the CCC Lion Dance Troupe would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog!



New Hsu residence house blessing

3rd February 2018 – City Melville

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed at the new house of their troupe leader, Stephen. With the fully completed build of the house, it was only logical to have the troupe officially bless the house. To make things more special, Stephen dotted the eyes of a new lion in which he donated to the club.

After the dotting, the lions blessed the residence and presented Stephen and his partner good luck scrolls, wishing them all the everlasting success and happiness in the years to come.

We all at the CCC Lion Dance troupe would again like to congratulate you guys on the new house!