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June 2015 news

Farewell Celebration

27th June 2015 –  Churchlands

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe has performed at much different kind of functions, but one of our favourite functions to perform at are themed events.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe this weekend performed at a farewell party, farewelling the individual as she travels to China for a new employment opportunity. To give the farewell a China feel, the courtyard was decorated with Chinese lanterns with a variety of Chinese dishes being served. Of course to give a blessing farewell, a lion dance performance was performed.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe likes to wish that individual safe travels and all the best in her new career in China.



Arianni 1 month celebration

20th June 2015 –  Chua Residence

This year has been a great year for the CCC Lion Dance Troupe as one of its trainers, Francis Chua, became a father and welcomed to this world his daughter, Arianni Chua. To celebrate Arianni’s full moon celebration / blessing day a family and friends gathering was organised as the family home. Family and friends from both sides all came together to celebrate this special occasion.

To bless this special occasion, especially blessing Arianni was of course the lion dance. The lions entertained the family and friends eating the red packets, and blessing the family home. The lions presented Arianni and the parents with mandarins (symbol of luck), and then threw the lettuce to the family before finishing the performance. The CCC Lion Dance Troupe wishes Arianni a happy joyous blessing day.



Turner Engineering – Vietnam Theme Function

12th June 2015 –  Whipper Snapper Distillery

The Turner Engineering group held their social function with the theme being Vietnam. The event was to promote their work incentive. The event was decorated with Vietnamese decorations and staff members were dressed in Vietnamese theme. In addition there were a variety of Vietnamese food stalls for the staff.

After the introduction speech by the Manager of the group, the Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance team entered the venue with the 2 lions making its way to the main stage. The lions interacted with the staff members, entertaining them with aerial acrobatics jumps and movements.

The lions finished the performance at the front of the stage to a happy entertained audience.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe will like to thank all the organisers of the event for having us perform at this well themed function.