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July 2013 news

Craig Mcintyre 50th Birthday

6th of July 2013 – Floreat Surf Club

The Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance Troupe had the great pleasure to perform at the 50th mile stone birthday of Craig Mcintyre.

Craig first saw the CCC Lion Dance Troupe perform at his daughters school, and he enjoyed the performance that much he wanted it to be part of his birthday celebration. A great honour for the CCC Lion Dance Troupe indeed.

The event was celebrated at the Floreat Surf Club where the venue was all nicely decorated with banners and family and friend pictures of Craig. When the firecrackers were loudly light, the 2 lions ran into the venue and started their performance in front of Craig and all of his family and friends.

The lions interacted with all the guests, then before finishing off the performance, presented Craig with a good luck scroll in celebration of his 50th Birthday.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe wish Craig a happy 50th Birthday, and are glad we are able to entertain you and all your guests on your milestone birthday!