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January 2019 news

Ingot Hotel Grand Opening

24th January 2019 – Ingot Hotel

The Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance troupe has been training hard preparing for the Chinese New Year period. Great way to display our new learnt routines and skills was to perform them, and we had the great opportunity to perform at the grand opening of the Ingot Hotel, located in Belmont.

The grand opening began with a speech and welcoming of the hotel investors, followed by the ribbon cutting. After the ribbon cutting, firecrackers were lite and the troupe began its performance. The lions ate the lettuce in which gave the luck to the owners. The lions then ate oranges from the owner and presented them back as a symbol of luck and fortune. The lions then roamed through the hotel grounds, blessing the areas of the hotel.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe would like to congratulate the owners of the new hotel. We wish you the best in your new business venture!