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January 2017 News

Point On 8 Chinese Restaurant Grand opening

24th  January 2017 – Riverside Drive

With the new developments on the way on Riverside Drive the new Chinese Restaurant, Point on 8 had its grand opening on the 24th January 2017. The new Chinese Restaurant is featured at the new Riverside Drive complex, where it faces the beautiful view of the Swan River.

A number of special guests were all in attendance at this grand new location and opening. Loud, long firecrackers were lit to mark the opening of the restaurant, where the 3 lions and loud musical instruments made their way into the restaurant to commence the blessing. The Lions blessed the restaurant as well as eating red packets from the guests in attendance. The lions presented the owners of the new restaurant with good luck scrolls to officially mark the opening.

The Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe wish the best of success to the staff at On Point 8 Chinese Restaurant.



Dotting ceremony of new lion

21st January 2017 – Ching Howe Chan residence

The Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance were honored to be sponsored with a brand new lion from Ching Howe Chan. Ching Howe Chan is an Orthodontist, whom has a practice located in Winthrop.

The dotting of the lion ceremony is a ceremony in which the lion is brought to life for the first time. The ceremony involves the lion being dotted in the eyes, mouth, feet, body, horn with red paint. The red bow on top of the lions horn is also tied on for the first time. Ching Howe, being the sponsor, had the honors of conducting this ceremony. It is believed that the person who has the honor of bringing the lion to life, will receive prosperity and everlasting fortune in their personal and business ventures.

The ceremony was conducted at Ching Howe’s residential home, where family and friends were present to witness this special occasion. Once the brand new lion was brought to life, long loud firecrackers were lit, and  2 other lions joined the new lion in blessing the home of Ching Howe.

The CCC Lion Dance troupe would love to thank Ching Howe for his support and his generosity in sponsoring our troupe. Your kindness is greatly appreciated and we are forever grateful of kindness. We wish you all the best in your business’s success, and the best of health to you and your family.
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Leanne and Jonathon’s Wedding

7th January 2017 – Crown Casino

To mark the start of 2017, the Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe performed at the wedding of Leanne and Jonathon.

As Leanne is a long time personal friend of the troupe, the troupe surprised her with a 5 lion performance. The 5 lions entered the ballroom where they positioned themselves on the dance floor to begin their performance. The lions put on a display which included acrobatic jumps, interactions with the guests, and sharing some beers with the bridal party.

The Lions presented the newly weds with a good luck scrolls to officially bless the bride and groom. It was definitely a performance enjoyed by all, especially the bridge and groom.

From all of us at the CCC Lion Dance Troupe, we would like to wish Leanne and Jonathon all the greatest blessing on their new journey of life together, congrats guys!