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January 2016 News

Stephen and Louisa’s Wedding

10th January 2016 – Koroh Residence

The Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe started the New Year with a wedding performance for one of their own, Stephen and Louisa. Stephen is the head trainer of the CCC Lion Dance Troupe, and Louisa is a senior member of the group. The troupe put togethor a new routine for this special occassion, and given Stephen being the head trainer, pressure was definitely felt by the troupe.

The performance began straight after the tea ceremony, where the 2 lions ran in front where Stephen and Louisa were standing and began the routine. What made the performance more special was the 2 lion heads were students Stephen trained at a young age. To have them perform at this occassion for Stephen and Louisa was truly heart felt.

The lions presented Stephen and Louisa with a goodluck scroll before finishing the performance. Everyone enjoyed the performance, especially Stephen who’s applause truly showed that he was proud and honoured in the troupe and the performance they have dedicated to him and Louisa. We all truly wish you both the best in your new everlasting lives togethor.