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January 2012 news

Chinese New Year 2012 – Year of the Dragon

23rd January 2012 – 6th February 2012

The Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance Troupe had a yet another successful Chinese New Year, this year being busier than the previous year. For the 15 days of the Chinese New Year period the troupe performed every day, starting in the day and finishing at night. The Troupe actually started performing on the 21st of January, a day before the Chinese New Year celebration, for the China Associations Chinese New Year function. Held at Dragon Palace restaurant.

The troupe had a lot of new customers this year, which were a combination of customers who watched us perform last Chinese New Year, and customers who were audiences in the crowd during this years Chinese New Year performances. The troupe performed all over Perth for offices, churches, Universities, shopping centres, banks, Chinese New Year events,birthdays, restaurants, and house celebrations. Our first performance started in the Vines for a Chinese New Year house celebration for the members of the Singapore Air force. To wrap up the 2012 Chinese New Year celebrations, the troupe performed at Minic Property Group.

The troupe this year had a total of over 80 performances. The troupe received tremendous feedback on their performances that the troupe have gained new sponsors, and are receiving advance bookings for this year. All this feedback reflects back on the groups dedication and efforts put towards the lion dance. The troupe will love to thank all their customers, audiences, and the other lion dance troupes for watching our performances and supporting the troupe. The troupes success will be none without all your love and support. We hope our performances will bring you all great success and fortune for the new year.

From the family of the CCC Lion Dance Troupe, Gung  Hey Fut Choi, happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Dragon!


Highlights of some performances of Chinese New Year 2012:

Northbridge  strip

The performances in northbridge included a number of Chinese restaurants, pizza bars, Banks (Westpac), and offices. Again the large firecracker display outside Good Fortune Roast Duck attracted a large crowd and stopped traffic, and the performance at John Hyde’s office was featured in the community newspaper.


ANZ Bank – Perth City Central

The performance at the ANZ branch in Perth City Central was the launch of the troupes new uniform that was sponsored by ANZ. The troupe will like to thank the team at ANZ for their great support.


Citibank – Garden City Shopping Centre

The Citibank performance started with the lions roaming through the shopping centre, attracting a large crowd, then ending at the Citibank branch where the lions performed for the audience. The troupe will like to thank Michael Pham of Citibank for organising this performance.


Perth Chinese New Year Fair 2012

For the Year of the Dragon, The Chung Wah Association organised and hosted the Perth Chinese New Year Fair. The event was held in Northbridge, with James St and Lake St blocked off. The event featured cultural Chinese Folk Dancing, stores, activities, parade, Dragon Dance, and Lion Dance. The troupe will like to acknowledge photo credit to Stephen Clark for the amazing photos provided.



The troupe was invited to perform at Amway, located in Kewdale, as part of their 2012 Chinese New Year celebration. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the store had special promotions of their products. To troupe will like to thank Natalie and Donna for allowing us the opportunity to perform for Amway.


Gloucester Park – 2012 Chinese New Year Fireworks Night

Gloucester Park held their annual fireworks night that featured the 2012 Miss China Pageant. The event also included dragon and lion dances from various groups, finished with a spectacular fireworks display.


Chinese Community Centre Chinese New Year Dinner

The CCC Chinese New Year Dinner was once again a well celebrated event, held at the Northbridge Chinese Restaurant.  The restaurant was at maximum capacity. The Dinner started with the formalities of introducing the special guests. Members of the Taiwanese and Australian Government we at attendance of the dinner.

The night also had the dotting ceremony of the 4 new lions that the CCC Lion Dance troupe were sponsored. The sponsors each came up to perform the dotting on their sponsored lion. Prior to the dotting ceremony, the CCC Lion Dance Troupe presented the ANZ team at Perth City Central the troupe’s uniform, and a golden plaque to thank and acknowledge ANZ for their sponsorship of the new uniforms. The CCC Lion Dance Troupe is yet again thankful to the team at ANZ.

The rest of the night was entertained by karaoke, finished by the raffle draw. The CCC Lion Dance troupe will like to take the opportunity to thank all their sponsors, your love and support is greatly appreciated.


Chinese New Year Eve – End of the Year of the Rabbit

22nd January 2012

The Year of the Rabbit has yet again been a successful one for the Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance Troupe. The group has had its busiest year in its history with performances being booked for nearly every week of the year. The troupe was completely booked out for the wedding season of 2011 with wedding performances starting from beginning of October to end of November. This was followed by the Christmas party fucntions where a variety of Christmas functions were Chinese themed.

2011 saw the CCC Lion Dance troupe expand with a number of new members. On top of new members the troupe had also received a lot of new sponsorship. The troupe prior to the Chinese New Year period had received heaps of advance bookings which again setting up a busy Chinese New Year period.

On the eve of Chinese New Year, the troupe performed at a number of restaurants, then finishing at the Money St temple (Chua Chai Gua Temple) for the last performance for the Year of the Rabbit. Once again the performance was well received by all the audience in which gave the troupe the indication that the Year of the Dragon will be another successful year.

We at the CCC Lion Dance Troupe hoped the Year of the Rabbit has been a prosperous and successful one for you all. We hope the Year of the Dragon will continue to bring you all greater success and fortune in all your endeavors.

Gung hey Fut Choi, Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Dragon!