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The Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance Troupe is one of the first lion dance groups to be formed in Australia. The CCC Lion Dance Troupe was formed in Perth, Western Australia in 1978 by The Chinese Community Centre (CCC). The CCC is a non profit organisation that has been involved in assisting the Chinese community since its induction, as well as creating awareness and promoting the Chinese culture in Australia. The CCC Lion Dance troupe was founded by the Director of the CCC, John Hsu (JP).

Born and raised in Myanmar (Burma), John Hsu started learning the art of the Lion Dance back in 1952 at Wor Ngee Quan in Myanmar at the age of 7. Wor Ngee Quan is an association that teaches kung fu and the lion dance to young individuals. With his strong passion in the art of kung fu and lion dance, John’s childhood and teens years was mainly spent training at Wor Ngee Quan.

John Hsu migrated to Perth WA in 1976. He then formed the CCC with a group of individuals who all shared similar morals, interests and passions in life. The Lion Dance was one of these passions and this lead to the formation of the CCC Lion Dance Troupe.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe adopted the Fut San style of Lion Dance. This style originated in Canton China and was mainly used by Kung Fu practitioners. This style was an aggressive style and the movements and steps were reflective of different Kung Fu styles. The troupe has many close relationships with Kung Fu and Lion Dance Masters all over the world. In 1994, the troupe had the privilege to be trained by Master Duc of Hong Kong. The teachings from Master Duc allowed the troupe to expand on its skills and knowledge of the Fut San Style of Lion Dance.

On October 10th 1997, the troupe had the opportunity, along with other international lion dance groups, to participate in the Republic of China (ROC) Day Lion Dance exhibition held in Taiwan. The group received great reviews on their performance.

Through the years and heading towards the year 2000, the CCC Lion Dance Troupe had a new generation of performers. Two of these performers are the sons of John Hsu, Stephen and Jeremy Hsu. Stephen and Jeremy Hsu have embraced the traditional art of Lion Dance, and the Lion Dance now has become a Hsu family tradition. Through this time, the art of lion dance has also evolved. The Hoksan style of lion dance has now become very popular. This style is less aggressive, with more cat like foot movements and involves a variety of jumps and stunts.

As the groups original style was the Futsan style and the increasing popularity of the Hoksan style, the CCC Lion Dance group combined both styles to form their unique style of the lion dance.

In 2002, the group went to Myanmar, and performed at the 88th anniversary of Wor Ngee Quan. The Lion Dance was performed in front of 700 people. Of these 700 people, it included the Masters and students that John Hsu trained with back in 1952. This performance was memorable and emotional for John Hsu, as he was able to show his Masters that he has continued their teachings to his school and have expanded on their teachings.

2007 was a big turning point for the troupe as they took many new training approaches which lead to a significant improvement in the groups Lion Dance skills and performances. In 2008, the group performed in Taiwan for the presidential elections, in support of current Taiwanese President, Ma Ying-jeou.

In 2009, the troupe had the great opportunity to visit Malaysia and be trained by Master Siow. The teachings of Master Siow not only strengthened our base style, but also allowed us to develop on our skills in the Hoksan style of Lion Dance and reinforce the disciplines of lion dance.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe continously aims to improve on their skills in the art of the Lion Dance and most importantly, continue this tradition to the future generations.