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Twisted Vaudeville Circus – Through the looking glass

5th and 6th November 2010 – Bamboo Luxe Bar, Mt Lawley

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe participated in their 3rd event for the Twisted Vaudeville Circus, Through the looking glass. The, Through the looking glass show, is based on the story of Alice in Wonderland. The show incorporated different acts and talents into the story of Alice in Wonderland. Acts included contortionists, acrobats, aerial artists, burlesque, Lion dance, and many more. 

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe had their own act in the show with a 2 lion performance. Then through the night the lions roamed through the crowd during the show.

The show ran through 2 nights, in which each night had a great attendance. From the sound of the audience’s applauses and cheers, they enjoyed the different talents of the show, and made the show a great success.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe enjoyed performing at the show, but also enjoyed meeting and interacting with all the different talents backstage. 

We will like to thank Kelly once again for allowing us to be part of this show, and we look forward to the many new ideas and creations she has in store for us.


Twisted Vaudeville Circus – Martinis with the devil

29th October 2010 – Fremantle Fly By Nightclub

In the festive season of Halloween, The Twisted Vaudeville Circus presented their Halloween themed show, Martinis with the devil. The show featured a number of acts including burlesque, pole dancing, freak show, and magic. The whole show was given a dark, firey atmosphere, with guests dressing up in their Halloween outfits. 

The CCC Lion dance troupe were incorporated into the show by having one lion as the devils/hell lion pet. Another lion later in the show emerges as an intruder lion, in which leads to the 2 lions interacting and starting their act for the show.

The audience all enjoyed the show, and with the audience dressing up for the occassion, it further enhanced the atmosphere of the show.

The CCC Lion dance will like to thank Kelly for once again allowing the troupe to be part of such a unique production.


Duc and Noami’s Wedding

16th October 2010

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe had the delighted pleasure of performing at Duc and Noami’s Wedding Tea Ceremony. The CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed as the guests arrived, and then leading to the arrival of the Bride and Groom.

The wedding was a Vietnamese style wedding, with both sides of the family dressed in the traditional Vietnamese wedding outfits. Everyone at the Tea Ceremony was happy in celebrating this joyous occassion, and enjoying the Lion Dance performance by the CCC.

We at the CCC Lion Dance Troupe will like to wish Duc and Noami a happy and prosperous future togethor, and hope the lion dance will bring you everlasting luck and fortune.

RPH annual Doctors Ball

25th September 2010 – Sheraton Hotel

The Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) held its annual Doctors Ball at the Sheraton Hotel, and given it was the month of the Chinese Lantern Festival, the ball had a Chinese theme. The room was decorated with chinese lanterns, with some guests dressed in the traditional chinese dresses.

Given the theme, the CCC Lion Dance Troupe was invited to perform at the ball. The lions surprised the guest by entering from the main doors and made there way to the dance floor. The 3 lions then roamed around the ballroom, interacting and entertaining the guests. All the guests enjoyed the performance, with loud applauses and cheers at the end.

This performance was also special for CCC team member, Stephen Hsu. Back in June of this year Stephen suffered a broken leg. This performance was Stephen’s first performance since breaking his leg. Given all the love and support from the friends, family, and the CCC family, Stephen was able to make a fast recovery and return to perform at his best.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe will like to thank Rachelle and the RPH JMO society for the pleasure of performing at the RPH annual Doctors Ball, and we look forward to next years ball.