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February 2017 News

Gloucester Park Chinese New Year Event

24th February 2017 – Gloucester Park

The annual CNY event was held at Gloucester Park on the 24th February in which the event featured many traditional Chinese acts such as Kung Fu demonstrations, Opera singing, and the Chinese Lion Dance.

5 lion dance groups performed at this event, with the CCC Lion Dance Troupe putting on a 8 lion, lion dance demonstration. The performance was the first time the troupe has performed with 8 lions. The performance was one that was definitely enjoyed by all of the audience.

After the lion dance performances, the event ended with its spectacular fireworks display. A great way to finish the CNY celebrations with a big bang!



Chinese New Year – Year of the Rooster

28th January 2017 – 11th February 2017

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe officially welcomed the New Year – Year of the Rooster with their first performance at Fortune Five Chinese Restaurant in Northbridge. With the great reception we received on that initial performance, Chinese New Year 2017 was on the direction to be a successful one.

The troupe throughout the year has continually expanded the troupe with new talent who brought a lot of new energy into the troupe. The troupe were busy this year with the troupe having to split up into two groups to meet the requests of the performances.

The troupe also opened 3 brand new lions, one being eye dotted at Winthrop Shopping Centre. Other highlight performances of the troupe were at ANZ, Perth Chinese New Year Festival, Perth China Town , Good Fortune Roast Duck house, Crown Casino, and the Money Street Temple. The CCC Lion Dance Troupe overall had a great and successful Chinese New Year.

The family at the CCC Lion Dance Troupe would like to wish all a prosperous, healthy, and successful New Year – Gung Hey Fut Choi!