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February 2016 News

Chinese New Year – Year of the Monkey

8th February 2016 – 22nd February 2016

Another year has passed and the Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe have yet again been busy this new Chinese New Year. Looking back at the previous years, the CCC Lion Dance Troupe had yet again been very successful in expanding not only their number of performances but as well as getting new recruits for the team. Furthermore, members of the troupe also had great success in their own individual achievements..overall 2015 was a great year for us all.

Heading into the new year, the CCC Lion Dance Troupe recruited a large number of recruits, bringing in a new generation of lion dancers to the group. The troupe has been busy training all year long, as well again this Chinese New Year was going to be a busy one.

The troupe started their performances on the 5th February at the Western Australia Club Chinese New Year function, this was one of many performances that was booked months in advance. The troupe performed for 2 weeks straight starting early hours in the day and finishing late hours of the night.

The troupe was honoured to be able to perform for a number of businesses, restaurants, events, and private parties. Some key performances the CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed at were at Crown Casino, Elizabeth Quay, ANZ, Gloucester Park, and CNY fair.

The troupe enjoyed all the performances they were able to perform, and judging from the reaction from the audience they also enjoyed every bit of it. Overall the troupe had fun doing what the love best, giving a lion dance performance that people will never forget.

The troupe also opened a brand new lion this Chinese New Year, as well were sponsored brand new uniforms from ANZ Bank. CNY 2016 was a great success for the troupe and with all the new members and momentum, the sky’s are the limit for the troupe in the future.

We all hope you all have a great and successful CNY 2016 – Year of the Monkey. From all of us Gung Hey Fut Choi!