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February 2013 news

Chinese New Year 2013 – Year of the Snake

10th February 2013 – 24th February 2013

Finishing off a busy Year of the Dragon, the Year of the Snake was no different as the troupe was fully booked out for the whole Chinese New Year period.

The troupe performed all over Perth at various places which included restaurants, retail shops, houses, banks, churches, schools, and Chinese New Year events. With the loud firecrackers, loud beats of the instruments, and the colourful lions, the performances attracted large crowds. The troupe received great feedback from the audience as well gaining the audiences interest in the art of lion dance.

A short Chinese New Year clip was filmed on the group at their performance at Epoch Times. This could be found at the following link

The troupe did close to over 100 performances during the Chinese New Year period. The first performance for Chinese New Year was at the Hsu’s residence, with the final performance of the Chinese New Year period being at the University restaurant located in Broadway. With the standard of the troupe’s performance, not only did the troupe receive a lot of positive feedback, but also advance bookings for the New Year as well as new sponsorships. This truly shows that the hard efforts and contributions of the troupe are highly appreciated and liked by the public.

The troupe would like to thank everyone who came to watch our performances, who cheered and applauded the troupe, fed the lions red packets, and ultimately appreciating everything we do in our performances. And finally a big thank you to the members of the CCC Lion Dance Troupe, as it is your hard work, dedication and contributions that allows the troupe to do this fun, physical and cultural art called lion dance at such a high level.

From the family of the CCC Lion Dance Troupe, we all wish you a Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Snake, Gung Hey Fut Choi!

Highlights of performances of Chinese New Year 2013:

Northbridge strip

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed all over Northbridge, with performances at restaurants, retail shops, banks, and offices. A very large firecracker display was shown at Good Fortune Roast Duck. The performances at John Hyde’s office, Westpac, and Epoch times were all featured in the newspaper.

Perth Chinese New Year Fair

The troupe also performed at the Chinese New Year fair on James St, with the performance featuring 6 lions. Lake Street and James Street was closed off for this event, which also featured a variety of food stalls, activities, and entertainment.

ANZ Bank – Perth City Central

For the sponsors of the CCC Lion Dance troupe, a 3 lion dance performance was displayed at ANZ which included a loud firecracker display.

Forest Chase

To give the audiences a feel of the Chinese New Year Vibe, the troupe performed in the middle of the City, outside Myer. The performance attracted a large crowd, with the audience interacting and taking photos with the lions.

Melville Senior High / Morley Primary School

The troupe performed at both schools in promoting the Chinese Culture of the lion dance to the students. As a lot of the students never seen a lion dance performance, they were amazed to see this art and the physicality it requires.

CCC Chinese New Year Dinner

The CCC held its annual Chinese New Year dinner. The dinner also featured the eye dotting ceremony of a new lion head, donated by a new sponsor. The evening was entertained by Chinese opera, Karaoke, and a raffle draw.

Gloucester Park Chinese New Year Night

Gloucester Park held their annual Chinese New Year event which featured the Miss China 2013 Pageant, Kung Fu displays, and Asian food stalls. The event also included lion dance performances from various other groups, which finished with a spectacular fireworks display.


Chinese New Year Eve – End of the Year of the Dragon

9th February 2013

The year of the Dragon has been a very busy and successful year for the Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance Troupe. Not only did the troupe expand on the number of requested performances and new customers, but they also gained additional sponsorship in the form of new lion heads.

The year was not only successful for the group but also for the individual members in their own personal achievements. Examples include members winning State DJ competitions, Amateur Boxing fights, and births of new family members.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe finished the Year of the Dragon on a high note with booked out performances on the eve of Chinese New Year. Performances of the night included the University Restaurant located in Broadway, and Dragon Palace. To finish up the year and welcoming in the New Year, the CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed at the Chua Chai Gua Temple.

We at the CCC Lion Dance Troupe hoped that the Year of the Dragon has been a great year for all in which everyone enjoyed great success and happiness. We will like to thank everyone for the great support the group received in the Year of the Dragon, as well as the members of the CCC Lion Dance Troupe for all their contributions and efforts throughout the year.

We hope the Year of the Snake will bring greater health, fortune, and success in all your endeavours.

Let’s welcome in the Year of the Snake, Gung Hey Fut Choi- Happy Chinese New Year!


Elif and Jacobs Wedding

2nd February 2013 – Frasers Restaurant

The Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance Troupe had the great pleasure to perform at the wedding of Elif and Jacob at Frasers Restaurant, located at Kingspark.

The Lion Dance was a surprise for all the guests. Once the bridal party arrived and were seated, the musical instruments and the 3 lions came into the venue to the surprise of the guests.

The lions all interacted with all the guests, and presented the newly weds with a goodluck scroll blessing the marriage.

When the performance finished, everyone applauded the performance, showing their enjoyment and appreciation of the troupes lion dance display.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe would like to thank Elif and Jacob for allowing us to be apart of this special day. We all at the CCC Lion Dance Troupe wish you both the best on your new lives togethor.