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February 2012 news

IGA X-press 1 year anniversary

19th February 2012 – Aubin Grove

The Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance Troupe were invited to perform at the IGA X-press 1 year anniversary. The day event saw the owners provide a free sausage sizzle for the invited guests, which then finished with the firecracker display and the Chinese Lion Dance.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe would like to wish IGA X-press a happy 1 year anniversary, and we hope that your business will continue to be successful throughout the many anniversaries to come.


The Temple Grand Opening

18th February 2012 – Mundaring

The Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe was invited by Sam Warner, founder of Naturisme, to perform at the grand opening of their new naturopath practice, The Temple.

In celebration of the grand opening of the Temple, there were a number of guests invited to the practice. For entertainment, the event featured tribal belly dancing, and the Chinese Lion Dance. The troupe performed a two lion , lion dance performance at the event. The performance was greatly enjoyed by all the guests in which great feedback was provided to the group.

The troupe will like to congratulate Sam and her partner Lawrence on the opening of the Temple. Wishing you both the best in the success of The Temple.


Jennifer Le and Lee Yong’s Wedding

11th February 2012 – Dragon Palace Restaurant

On the 11th of February, the Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance troupe had the pleasure of performing the lion dance for the wedding reception of Jennifer and Lee.

Guests were not aware of the lion dance, as the lion dance was to be a surprise. Once the guests heard the firecrackers, the 3 lions entered the restaurant  and began the performance in front of the bridal party’s table. All guests got into the celebration mood by giving red packets to the lions, as well as some giving the lions bottles of beer to finish. The end of the performance saw the lions present a good luck scroll to the bride and groom.

We at the CCC Lion Dance Troupe will like to congratulate Jennifer and Lee on their marriage, and we wish you both everlasting love in your new lives togethor.


Taiwanese Association Chinese New Year Dinner

11th February 2012 – Me Seafood Chinese Restaurant

Coming to the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations, the Taiwanese Association held their New Year Dinner at Me Seafood Restaurant. The restaurant was at full capacity and featured karaoke entertainment, prize raffle draw, and the Lion Dance.

After the long firecrackers were lit, the 2 lions ran to the front of the restaurant and began the performance. The customers from the restaurant all came outside to watch the lion dance. People who were nearby the restaurant also all gathered to watch the performance. After the performance the audience all gave a loud applause showing their appreciation of the lion dance performed by the CCC Lion Dance Troupe.

The CCC Lion Dance troupe wish the members of the Taiwanese Association a happy Chinese New Year – Gong Xi Fa Choi