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February 2011 news

Chinese New Year 2011 – Year of the Rabbit

3rd February 2011 – 24th February 2011

The Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance Troupe had a number of performances scheduled for the 2 and a half week period. The troupes  performance schedule will start at 9am in the morning till 4pm, and resume from 6pm till midnight. With a high level of demand for the troupe’s lion dance performances, the Troupe had to split up into two groups to make these performances.

The group performed throughout the metro area. Performances included restaurants, house parties, Catholic churches, Shopping centers, Business Offices, Universities and schools. This year we had a number of new clients, which included the Catagroup, UWA, Travel Indo China, and St Thomas More Catholic Church. The Troupe performed at the Chanh Giac Temple for the closing of the Chinese New year. This event was attended by the Mayor of Perth, Lisa Scaffidi, and John Hyde MLA – Member for Perth.

In total, the troupe had roughly 80 performances throughout the Chinese New Year period. Our performances were all greatly enjoyed by the audience. Some members of the audience even came to enquire about booking a lion dance performance after watching. Definitely a great compliment to the troupe to know that what we do still appeals, attracts, and entertains the community.  It’s this kind of feedback that keeps motivating the group to constantly improve in their lion dance performances. The Group will love to thank all their customers, new and existing, and the people who watched and applauded our performances. We hope our performances will continue to bring everlasting luck, joy and fortune to your family, friends, and businesses. And we hope through bringing you all with this blessing, we continue to entertain and amaze you.

From the Family at the CCC Lion Dance troupe, wishing you all a happy Chinese New Year, Year of the Rabbit – Gung Hey Fut Choi!


Highlights of some performances of Chinese New Year 2011:

Northbridge Business strip

The CCC Lion Dance troupe performed throughout Northbridge during the Chinese New Year period. The CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed at a number of businesses that included restaurants, grocery stores, newspaper agencies, and butchers. The site and sound of the large firecrackers, loud instruments, and colourful jumping lions attracted large crowds. The performance at John Hyde’s office was again featured in the Community Newspaper, and the performance at Australia Asia Business Newspapers was featured in the Chinese Community Newspaper.


ANZ Bank – Murray Street Branch

The Troupe performed at the ANZ branch located at Murray St, near Forest Chase. The 5 lion performance attracted a large crowd in the city and impressed the massive audience and the senior managers of ANZ. ANZ senior management enjoyed the performance so much that they have asked to be sponsors of the CCC Lion Dance Troupe. ANZ will be sponsoring new uniforms for the troupe. The troupe will like to thank everyone at ANZ for their love and support,  and are very excited and honoured for the new sponsorship between ANZ Bank and the CCC Lion Dance Troupe.



This performance was very special as the Catagroup is an organization that provides care and assistance for disabled adults. They have always wanted a lion dance performance during the Chinese New Year period but had no luck of booking a group. This year was the first time Catagroup and its adult care group had the chance to see the lion dance. Some were aware of what the lion dance was, some weren’t, but at the end of the performance they all enjoyed the performance very much, and was very appreciative of the group.

One member of the group turned 100 years old that day, so that made this performance a bit more special to us. After the performance we happily posed and took photos with all the members of the Catagroup. The group will love to thank the Catagroup for allowing us the opportunity to perform for everyone at the Catagroup.


UWA Café

Every Chinese New Year, the UWA University club holds a Chinese New Year theme at the café. This was the first time we had the privilege to perform for UWA. The performance was very festive as members of the audience, who were of diverse nationalities, dressed up in the traditional Chinese costumes. The café was decorated with Chinese lanterns and had Chinese themed music. The troupe will like to thank Jessica for organizing the event and having us perform for the audience. We look forward to perform for you next year!


Perth Chinese Catholic Church and St Thomas More Christian Church

Every Chinese New year the Perth Chinese Catholic Church will hold a special mass service during Chinese New Year, which after the service they will have a number of Chinese performances from the Youth group of the church. The CCC Lion Dance troupe always had the distinct pleasure to perform at this event.

This year, St Thomas More Christian Church, requested a lion dance performance as they have seen a number of our performances. This was the first time we had the pleasure to perform for the church. The performance was greatly enjoyed by the audience.

It’s great to know that given the difference in religions and cultures, that our performances are enjoyed and appreciated. Even though the Lion Dance is a Chinese custom, and to some, references to the Buddhist religion, The CCC Lion Dance troupe aims to educate their art to the diverse audience, and to allow the diverse audience to enjoy and learn the tradition of the lion dance.


Gloucester Park

Gloucester Park again held their annual Chinese New Year function which featured the Miss Chinese WA beauty Pageant. This year, the CCC Lion Dance Troupe and 4 different lion dance groups all performed together at this event. It was a great pleasure to be able to perform together with these different troupes. Even though the groups were different, but we all share that love and passion in sharing the art of the lion dance. CCC Lion Dance will like to thank you all for the great experience. The whole audience enjoyed the all the different styles of lion dance performed by the various schools, in which followed by a spectacular fireworks display.


Chinese Community Centre Chinese New Year Dinner

The Chinese Community Centre (CCC ) held its annual Chinese New Year dinner on the 15th February, in which tickets to the event was sold out months in advance. The event was held at Northbridge Chinese restaurant. The event started with a lion dance performance by the CCC Lion Dance troupe. Karaoke entertainment was then provided throughout the night, which then followed by a raffle draw with prizes all donated from a number of sponsors. The CCC Lion Dance troupe will like to thank John Hsu for organizing this event, and to the sponsors for kindly donating prizes for the raffle draw.


Chinese New Year Eve – End of the Year of the Tiger

2nd February 2011

The Year of the Tiger has been a successful year for the Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance Troupe. With the great reviews received by the audience, the CCC Lion Dance troupe had a high number of performances throughout the year. The troupe had a lot of new customers throughout year which included Buddha’s Light International Association of WA, Royal Perth Hospital, Twisted Vaudeville Circus, and a number of private birthday and functions.

The increase in the number of bookings was highly due to the constant hard work the members of the troupe have put in throughout the year in improving and expanding their abilities to give the audience a new show each time. Because of this hard work and appreciation of the troupes performances, the troupe got donated brand new lion heads. The Year of the Tiger also saw the launch of the CCC Lion dance Troupes new website.

Months before Chinese New Year, the troupe had received a high number of bookings for the Chinese New Year period. The members of the troupe have been training hard all year round to meet demands of performances.

To finish the year of the tiger on a high note, the troupe performed at a number of restaurants on the eve of Chinese New Year.

The last performance of the night was at the Money Street temple. This performance was to end The Year of the Tiger and mark the beginning of the New Year, Year of the Rabbit. Every year the money street temple performance is an important performance for the troupe. Not only does it begin the New Year, but also allows the troupe to demonstrate their newly crafted lion dance performances.

The performance started with a big Chinese fire cracker displayed followed by the lion dance performance. 2 of the new lions that were donated to the troupe were used during this performance. The whole crowd enjoyed the performance, and gave a loud applause at the end – a sign of that the Year of the Rabbit for the CCC Lion dance Troupe was going to be a successful, yet tiring one. Happy Chinese New Year, Year of the rabbit!