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February 2010 news

Chinese Community Centre New Year Dinner

24th of February 2010 – Northbridge Chinese Restaurant

The Chinese Community Centre (CCC) held its annual CNY dinner at Northbridge Chinese Restaurant. The celebration started with a 5 lion performance, in which included the dotting ceremony of 2 new lions. These lions were donated by Northbridge Chinese Restaurant, and Golden Dragon Jewellerys. After the performance, the members of the CCC Lion Dance Troupe were able to relax and enjoy the night, and celebrate yet another successful CNY.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe thanked their new uniform sponsors, Dream Land Karaoke, Good Fortune Roast Duck House, and New Idea Furniture. John Hsu presented each sponsor with the new uniforms as a form of memorabilia. The night continued with Karaoke entertainment and finished with the lucky prize draw. This event was enjoyed by all who attended.

A great highlight of the night was when John Hsu presented the Honorable Sam Panatosi (JP) with the Chinese Lifetime Friendship Award. John and Sam have been long time friends since John’s arrival in Perth. Sam helped John set up the CCC, and have helped many ethnic individuals in settling in Perth. Members of the ethnic communities are successful in their lives because of Sam’s assistance. If it was not for Sam’s assistance in helping to establish the CCC, there will be no CCC Lion Dance Troupe.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe will like to thank Sam for all his kindness and great work he has done for the CCC. But most importantly, for the genuine and loving friendship he has provided us. Sam, you will be truly missed.

Chinese New Year 2010 – Year of the Tiger

14th – 24th February 2010

The Chinese New Year (CNY) period is always busy for the CCC Lion Dance Troupe. The troupe has been training all year round to the meet the demand of these performances. Many performances have been booked months in advance.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupes performances for CNY 2010 started on the 14th of February, and finished on the 24th February. To mark the opening of the CNY, CCC Lion Dance Troupe Organiser, Stephen Hsu, dotted the eyes of a new lion, in which he has donated to the group. Performances started at 9:00am and finish around 11:00pm at night. In a day the group only had an average 2 hour break.

The Lion Dance performances were performed throughout the Perth Metro Area, at a variety of places, which included restaurants, businesses, house functions, temples, and social events. The troupe also performed at a church, the Perth Chinese Community Holy Family Church. The Lion Dance performance performed by the CCC Lion Dance Troupe attracted large crowds, and received great applause and appreciation from the audience. It is this kind of appreciation that motivates the troupe to constantly improve and give the audience a unique diverse Lion Dance performance.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed a total of 78 performances during the CNY period. The troupe would like to thank all of our customers for giving us the opportunity to perform the Lion Dance for them during the CNY period. We hope our Lion Dance performances will bring great luck and fortune for your businesses and personal well being. From all of the CCC Lion Dance Troupe, Gung Hey Fut Choi! (Happy New Year)

Below are highlights of some of the performances of CNY 2010:

Hsu Residence

The first performance of every CNY is performed at the Hsu residence. The performance is not only used as a blessing for the Hsu family home, but also a blessing of the entire CCC Lion Dance Troupe to ensure the CNY period will be fun, safe and enjoyable. To mark the beginning of the CNY, the dotting ceremony of the new lion was performed at the Hsu residence by Stephen Hsu, who donated this lion to the troupe. The troupe also opened the New Year with brand new uniforms, who were sponsored by Dreamland Karaoke, New Idea Furniture, and Good Fortune Roast Duck House Restaurant.

Sagaramudra Buddhist Temple – Carlisle

The Sagaramdura Buddhist Temple in Carlisle is a newly established temple, and the CCC Lion Dance Troupe was honoured to be able to perform the Lion Dance, to give a New Year blessing to the temple. There were a large number of attendances at the temple and we also had the pleasure of being able to perform beside our friends Yarn Yee Tong.

Northbridge Business Strip

Northbridge is well known for its Chinese businesses, and the CCC Lion Dance Group performed at a majority of these businesses that includes restaurants, grocery stores, newspaper agencies, and butchers. The site and sound of the large firecrackers, loud musical beats, and jumping lions attracted large crowds. Traffic, on William Street, even stopped to watch these energetic lion dance performances. The performance at John Hyde’s office was featured in the Community Newspaper and the Good Fortune Roast Duck House performance featured a very large firecracker display.


ANZ Bank – Hay Street (Town Hall), Murray Street, and Hay Street branches.

The ANZ bank has been heavily promoting Chinese New Year with heavy marketing displays, and banking products. With a close friendship with the senior managers of ANZ, we once again had the opportunity to display the Lion Dance at the Perth City Branches. The Murray Street performance featured a 5 lion performance. With the branch being in the middle of the city, the performance attracted a massive crowd, in which ended with loud claps and applauses.

Gloucester Park – Chinese New Year Celebration

Every Chinese New Year, Gloucester Park holds its annual CNY event celebration. The main attraction of the event was the Miss Chinese WA Beauty Pageant. This event also included horse racing, fireworks display, and of course the Lion Dance.

This year was the first time that the CCC Lion Dance Troupe was invited to perform at this event. The group performed a 5 lion dance routine for the large crowd, and the performance was enjoyed by all. Our friends, The Chung Wah Lion Dance, also displayed a great performance at the event. The event finished with a large fireworks display, which delighted the whole crowd.


Chinese New Year Eve – End of the Year of the Ox

13th of February 2010

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe, who has been scheduled for a series of performances for the Chinese New Year period, has been training hard since the last Chinese New Year to prepare for another busy Chinese New Year.

On the Eve of Chinese New Year 2010, the troupe performed at a number of restaurants at various locations to prepare for the welcoming of the New Year. A total of 9 performances were performed on the night. Highlights of the night were a performance for one of our sponsors, Dreamland Karaoke, and the annual Chanh Giac Money Street temple performance.

The Money Street temple is significant in the fact the performance begins on the mark of the New Chinese Year. In addition, with the large number of audiences, the CCC Lion Dance Troupe has always used this annual performance as a platform to show the audience the new Lion Dance skills and practices the group has developed through the year. The performance was highly enjoyed by the audience. When the performance ended and the group bowed at the end of that drum beat, the whole crowd erupted in applause and appreciation of our efforts. We were all truly ready to now welcome in Chinese New Year 2010, The Year of Tiger.