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December 2016 news

New Golden Century Restaurant Grand Opening

28th December 2016 – Northbridge

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed at the grand opening of New Golden Century Chinese Restaurant, located in Northbridge.

Long firecrackers were first lit to commence the opening of the restaurant, where then the 3 lions entered the restaurant and blessed the restaurant. The lions interacted and blessed all the guests at the grand opening, and then presented the owners with a good luck scroll in congratulating the owners and wishing them a great successful long life business.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe wish all the staff at the New Golden Century Restaurant all everlasting success in their new business venture.


Rice Baby Restaurant Grand Opening

5th December 2016 – Subiaco

A new and exciting dining experience just opened in the heart of Subiaco. Rice Baby is a new modern Asian eatery and bar. On the 5th of December the official opening ceremony was held where special guests were invited to the opening.

After a number of speeches in officiating the opening, after the red ribbon was cut, the Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance troupe began their performance for all in attendance of the event. The lions roamed through the new business grounds, interacting with guests and staff, and providing the restaurant with a blessing. The lions then captured the high hanging lettuce, and then distributed the luck to the restaurant owners. The lions then provided the staff with a good luck scroll.

The performance was highly enjoyed by all. The CCC Lion Dance Troupe would like to wish the staff at Rice Baby all the best in their new business venture!