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August 2011 news

Susan Nguyen and Emilio Evangelopoulos Engagement Party

27th of August 2011 – Hellenic Club, Perth

On the 27th of August 2011, Susan and Emilio celebrated their engagement with all their friends and family at the Hellenic Club. The night was the coming together of the Greek and Vietnamese culture which was celebrated with Greek cultural celebration dances and the lion dance.

The Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance Troupe surprised all the guests by entering the function hall through a blocked off room. All the guests enjoyed the performance with a number of guests feeding the lions red packets and jugs of beer.

The CCC Lion Dance troupe would like to wish Susan and Emilio all the best in their new lives together. Your warm hospitality on the night was greatly appreciated.


Little Creatures Brewery

20th of August 2011 – Fremantle

The Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance Troupe was invited by the management at Little Creatures to perform the Lion Dance as part of their weekly weekend entertainment.

Prior to the beginning of the performance a number of people at Little Creatures was curious about the Lion dance and asked the Troupe a number of questions about the lion dance as they have never seen one before.

When the performance began from the first jumps of the lions, the whole audience applauded loudly and got right into the performance. Customers who sat outside, all came inside of the Brewery to watch the performance.  After the performance many members of the audience and Little Creatures staff came and thanked the troupe for an amazing and entertaining performance. The performance received such great positive feedback that Little Creatures Management is already wanting to book dates for future performances.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe will like to thank all the staff at Little Creatures for the great hospitality provided to the Troupe on the night, and we hope to see and perform for you all again soon.


Toodyay Food Festival

6th of August – Duidgee Park, Toodyay

The Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance for the third year in a row had the great opportunity to perform at the Toodyay Festival of Food. The Toodyay’s Festival of Food was yet again held in conjunction with the Avon Descent.

This year’s event was the biggest out of the other years with a larger stage and more acts and performances. Besides from the Lion Dance performance there were cultural folk dances, Music bands, song performances from previous Australian Idol contenders, and cooking demonstrations from previous Master Chef Contender Josh Catalano.

The CCC Lion Dance Troupe would like to thank Michael Elezovic for the great hospitality provided to the troupe on the day and for his constant loving support of the troupe. We hope to perform for Toodyay yet again next year.