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April 2011 news

Good Friday Ching Ming Festival

22nd of April 2011 – Karrakatta Cemetery

On the 22nd of April 2011, it was the annual Good Friday Ching Ming Festival. On this day members of the Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe, The Chinese Community Centre, and the Chinese community all come to the Karrakatta Cemetery to pay their respects to those who are no longer with us.

The Ching Ming festival is an event that the president of the Chinese Community Centre, John Hsu (JP), has been organizing since 1984. During this festival a variety of foods, drinks, flowers, incense are given as signs of offerings to those who have passed. All the offerings were all donated by the members of the Chinese Community, and especially from John Hsu.

The pergola that was built last year has been given a lot of praise as it provides many of those who attend the Chinese section of the cemetery some shelter and a place to rest. Funds for the pergola were donated by members of the Chinese Community. To acknowledge the generosity and kindness of those who contributed towards the completion of the pergola, a plaque is featured with their names written on it.

The Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe will like to thank those who all came and helped in making the day run smoothly, but most importantly, for showing the care, love, and respect for those in the Chinese Community that is no longer with us.


KULCHA on Swan – Altone Comes Alive!

16th of April 2011 – Altone Park Recreation Centre

For the second consecutive year the Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance Troupe was invited again to perform at the Altone Comes Alive! event.

The Altone Comes Alive! event, is an event that is part of KULCHA on Swan, which is a series of events that showcases free multi-cultural performances. The event also featured multi-cultural food stalls, arts, and activities.

The CCC Lion Dance troupe started the performance running to the stage, in which attracted the large crowd to the stage. The 3 lions displayed an acrobatic lion dance performance, and interacting with the audience. The performance was enjoyed by the whole crowd as they applauded loudly after the performance finished.

We will like to thank the whole staff at Kulcha on Swan for not only having us, but also for organising a free event that was enjoyed by the whole community.


Buddha’s Birthday & Multicultural Festival 2011

10th of April 2011 – Supreme Court Gardens

The Chinese Community Centre (CCC) Lion Dance Troupe performed at the opening ceremony of the Buddha’s Birthday and Multicultural Festival 2011. The Buddha Festival was again organised by the Fo Guang Shan Temple and the Buddha’s Light International Association of WA (BLIAWA), and the event ran from the 9th April to the 10th April.

The Festival is to celebrate the birthday of the Sakyamuni Buddha who was born on the 8th day of the fourth Luna month in 600 BC. In celebration of his birthday, Buddhists use fragrant water to bathe the statue image of Buddha. The significance of the act is to cleanse our body, speech and thoughts to eradicate anger, greed and ignorance in order to purify our minds to cultivate merits and wisdom.

The festival began with offerings to the Buddha from various Buddhist groups. After the offerings the CCC Lion Dance Troupe performed the lion dance to start the event for the day. After the Lion Dance, Monks from different Buddhist groups prayed a number of Hymns to the Buddha. The day was then filled with a number religious cultural dance performances.

The CCC Lion Dance troupe will like to thank Patrick and Angielina from the BLIAWA for again inviting us to attend and perform at this holy event. We look forward to performing for you again next year.